How to play

Use WASD to move and Space to flash. Flashing will deplete some of your health, but allow you to move faster and not take any further damage. Survive as long as you can and aim for the highest score you can get. The green lasers mean that you're being aimed at, the red lasers will actually hurt you.


The game is all about the last piece of sentient light in this universe. The light searches for some sort of solace in this world that seeks to destroy it, but finds nothing. This game was made over the course of 6 weeks for our Game Design & Development II class.  We tried to convey a sense of cosmic horror on the player. We tried to combine Horror and Bullet-hell, two very separate genres. It was a very fun experiment in genre combinations. We would like to do one or two more updates to the game, so please leave feedback!

CJ Axisa:...............................Project Lead, Programmer & Designer
John Shull:...........................Programmer & Designer
Alex Claypool:....................Designer & Programmer
Dillon Chan:........................Writer & Programmer
Sitong Chen:.......................Artist (Models, Textures &  Animations)


Download 52 MB


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the score system is messed up

and that is not a horror game 

the grafics are very goood

the games laggy and un exiting

in 6 weeks i feel like you only did the grafics and then slopply put on some programing

the use of bullet-hell genre and horror genre is horrably used horror is the last thing you find in this game and bullet-hell there is supost to be lots of bullets/projectiles flying at you in this game there are few of those 

this game diserves a 2/5 stars

but dont let that dismotovate your team and you keep creating and keep doing gamejams it makes your team and you better game devs

Hi thank you for the feedback! The random generation gave us a lot of technical troubles so we had very little time to polish (AKA: fix scoring bugs and improve performance). We plan to update the game later this year, fixing some bugs and re-balancing the random generation to make it feel more like a bullet-hell, so I hope you'll consider trying the game again then. With the game we tried to implement a cosmic horror aesthetic and theme, but I can see how you feel the game isn't mechanically very horror oriented.


just let me know

this game has a lot of possibility

(aka reply to this)

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This game is basically a maze game I guess and its really nothing much to look forward to? I like the negative remarks that are given as you get a higher score but there is really not much of an exciting factor or interesting factor in this game. I hope that I can see a game that can interest me and actually has a great storyline to follow instead of throwing the player into the game and asking them to survive and get the highest score they would like to get. Thank you.

Hi, thank you for playing! We plan to update the game later in the year (when we all have enough time to do so), so maybe we will add some sort of end-state or finale. Originally, we wanted the game to be un-ending to give the player a feeling of a useless struggle, but you raise a good point.  I think adding some sort of Point threshold that causes a sort of end to the game would be a great way to improve the experience. Thank you for your feedback!


Thank you for reading my comment XD